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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by Function

Marketing - CDDC

Conceptual Design and Costing Flow Chart

Design & Development

Raw Material Sourcing

PDM with Wrike Workflow

Data Centre Master Guideline

Changes Request Workflow

Seal Sample Management (Change of Factory)


Sales Procedure - B2B


Sales Procedure - B2C (SHF)

Corporate Credit Card Reconciliation Procedure

Monthly Account Closing Procedure

Stocks Procedure

Monthly Reporting Preparation Procedure (GL)

Non Trade Payable Procedure

Trade Payable Procedure


Operation Master Flow Chart

Purchase Order

Slow Moving Raw Materials

SOP to deal with new factory 

ABAS - Transaction flow for Paper Arrangement

Changes Request 

Guidelines to deal with SHF _ S&K's order 

Delivery Request 

How to cancel and defer shipment

How to List in New Raw Materials

How to request down payment 


Purchasing Master Flow Chart

Vendor registration & authorization

Sourcing Flow Chart

The Range Display Item Pricing Confirmation

Changes Request - Existing Item

Quality Control

SSR Flow Chart

Quality Team - SSR

Quality Team - SPO

Changes Request - QC

In coming raw material inspection

Inspection Classification Report 

Human Resource & Admin

Human Resource Hiring Flow Chart

New Employee Intergration

Employee Confirmation

Employee Leave Application Flow

Employee Resignation Flow

HR & Admin- Suggestion Form Flow

Misconduct - Domestic Inquiry

Missing Attendance SOP

Resigned Employee - Handover Flow

Staff Loan Procedure

Transfer of Department

Warning Letter

New Employee Failed in Probation

Claims Flowchart

Payroll Flow

Training Request

Guest and Visitor to Office Flow and Procedure

Admin license application and renewal


Shipping BE Process


Process Map

Customer Complain 

Sample Manufacturing

 Manufacturing process


Information Technology

Operational Excellence

Internal Control



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